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An Entrepreneur & Founder : TUYO TULSI.

Born amidst the heart of Bihar, India, She embarked on her professional journey at Flipkart after MBA from Chandigarh, unaware of the unexpected twists that life would unveil. However, it was during the lockdown's solitude that Anuradha’s true calling emerged—'TUYO TULSI'. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for authenticity and a longing for genuine connections, She transformed uncertainty into opportunity.'TUYO TULSI' isn't just a brand; it's a testament to resilience, a beacon of hope, and a celebration of the human spirit. Each creation carries the echoes of resilience, inviting you to embrace warmth, rediscover beauty, and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.With Anuradha and 'TUYO TULSI', every encounter is an invitation to forge a meaningful connection—a connection that blossomed unexpectedly amidst life's unexpected challenges.

Wings of Creativity: The Journey of Tuyo Tulsi

Where Passion Blossoms into Profession: Inspiring Creativity Without Bounds

In the silence of lockdown's embrace in 2020, a spark of inspiration ignited within our souls. It called out to us, urging us to explore, to craft, to weave dreams into reality. For years, the fire of our passion for imaginative creation, artistry, and soulful expression had smoldered quietly within us, a sacred yearning waiting to burst into glorious flame.

Introducing Tuyo Tulsi: Celebrating You Through Creativity

At our core, we blend Spanish 'Tuyo', meaning 'Yours', with 'Tulsi', an Indian symbol of purity and vitality. This fusion represents our commitment to crafting more than possessions—we create cherished companions for life's journey. Each piece invites you to embrace quality, authenticity, and the diversity of cultures.


The Majestic Eagle: Epitome of Aspiration and Innovation

Meet our emblem—the majestic eagle. Symbolizing strength, valor, and triumph, it epitomizes the soaring spirit of Tuyo Tulsi. Just as the eagle spreads its wings to embrace the heavens, we aspire to transcend boundaries and explore the uncharted realms of creativity and ingenuity. Fueled by unwavering determination, we chart our course through the limitless expanse of possibility, guided by the conviction that dreams are but a flight away.


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