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Passion To Profession

Success, be it one’s own or of a dear one, always makes us happy and proud. Thus, it indeed makes me very proud to share that my sister Anuradha has finally taken the first step to elevate her passion of years to profession and began her journey as an entrepreneur.

It all happened during the lockdown when exploring something new was in the air. She too wanted to utilize the time in hand to work on her hobby since childhood of dress designing, art and handicraft and put her imagination to reality. She no longer wanted to limit her talents to just a passion and instead wanted to take it up as her profession. This she did with her newly launched fashion & apparel brand ‘Tuyo Tulsi’ reaching PAN India on the e-commerce platform.

‘Tuyo’ is Spanish word which means ‘Yours’. And ‘Tulsi’ is an Indian word, which is the name of a holy plant worshipped in every Hindu household and is an essential part of religious activities. It also has varied medicinal qualities and is used to cure several diseases. Anuradha believes, similar to the brand’s name, the products are of high quality and with time the name will make its presence everywhere and will be one of the most loved & valued brand to its’ customers. Hence “TUYO TULSI” means “Yours Tulsi”.

Anuradha also chose “Eagle” as the logo for her brand. The eagle is a solar symbol, and can be linked to all sky gods. It signifies inspiration, independence, victory, longevity, speed, pride, leadership and royalty. It is often an emblem of power. She found the logo appropriate because it signifies the strength of courage behind her venture that will help her to cross her boundaries and reach new heights. She says that she learns to be patient and to remain positive having faith in the possibilities future holds for her. Thus the logo conveys the message of reaching high and visualising the future.

The mission of her initiative is to touch every segment of art & craft, fashion designing. She feels, India is has a lot of talent and only requires a platform to showcase the same. Her ventures’ vision is to create a large platform in the field of fashion Industry in India. She desires to take her business ahead to give opportunity to many others like her who have an artist hidden in them but are not getting chance to come ahead and live their dreams. Her noble thought of going ahead in life while taking others along, gives me immense pleasure and pride to say that she is my sibling.

Artical By Anjali

(Dy. Manager - HR ESSAR EOGEPL)

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